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About Us

We measure what matters

We are an all female founded company with a misson to provide a cutting edge tool for you to improve your business results by providing a solution that is able to measure characteristics of your company’s culture. We go far beyond satisfaction and engagement and deep dive into psychological safety and transformational capabilities.

Use cases

We are the best choice when...

  • Organic increase of staff number ~ 30%

  • Actively looking for or working with transformative WOW (Way Of Working) solutions (eg. Agile, digitalization)

  • Needs to keep up with fast changing market, competition, disruptive technology

  • Sporadic innovation efforts have died off

  • WOT (Way Of Thinking) stands in the way of measurable improvement in results

  • Under new management

  • Structural changes (eg. M&a, carve-out, downsizing)

Our offer

Why sparq?

  • Because we make data on your corporate culture visible for you

  • Because if you see it, you can change it

  • Because when you are successfully transformed, you have the ROI to prove it



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Why sparq?


At Sparq, we believe that innovation, science, and data are the cutting edges of business. Our app is designed to help organizations challenge norms, inspire innovation, and drive success within the corporate landscape. But don't just take our word for it - here's what our satisfied customers have to say: